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BPO/ITO Sourcing Services

Specialized IT talent sourcing service.

    IT Talent Sourcing Service

Our service is a specialist recruitment service providing resource solutions to business process outsourcing and IT outsourcing  business market. With our focused teams of specialist recruitment consultants, we supply permanent, temporary and contract personnel at all levels within BPO/ITO delivery centers.Our market expertise and established procedures enables us provide our clients with multilingual IT talent resources.

BPO/ITO industry suffers from employees high  attrition rates (compared to other industries)  that service providers can control but will never eliminate  it is a global phenomenon that BPO/ITO delivery center have to live with.

Our objective is to supply our clients with the right candidates that best fit the job vacancy by understanding the required job description and scope of responsibilities then translate them into skills set, competencies and qualifications. On the other hand we build our talent database through detailed structured interview procedures to accurately index our records in a way facilitating the match to assure that the whole process enables our clients make informed recruitment decisions.

To order our Talent Sourcing service, All what you need is to fill in the recruitement request form and our HR recruitement agreement template, sign it and e-mail it back to our account manager sales@dealscatalyst.com.

Business Intelligence and Due Diligence

We empower our BPO/ITO clients better protection of their investments and make informed decisions by providing organizations with comprehensive business intelligence to better assess the destination attractiveness.

We work closely with our BPO/ITO clients to compose the project's RFI to cover business required factors like available human resources, technologies, infrastructure,  applicable laws, government regulations, investment support and potential BPO/ITO service providers/partners. Then we transparently compile the required response.

Deals Catalyst team accumulates 20+ years of senior Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT Outsourcing (ITO) professional experience serving different industries; telecom, IT, automotives, fast food, retail, utilities, government, healthcare and aviation.

We  carefully tailor due diligence visits by working closely with our BPO/ITO clients to set the visit's objectives and areas of interest then shortlist targeted organizations.

We  manage the whole visit plan and logistics including  meetings schedule with key stackholders.

Visits may include: MNC BPO/ITO, Local BPO/ITO, Inversities, Training centers, Real estate agencies, Recruitment agencies, Business parks, office buildings, Governmental organizations, Non-governmental organizations, Law firms, Audit and tax advisory firms, Relevant Embassies, Chamber of commerce, MNCs in different sectors or any other place of client's interest.     

BPO/ITO Sourcing Due Diligence visit's intrest areas
Business Process Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing and SSC Advisory Services.

BPO/ITO Sourcing Advisory Service

Our business advisory services start from assessing the destination’s BPO/ITO competitiveness by analyzing facts intelligence, government support, regulatory landscape and potential political risks to provide clarity into critical environmental factors.

Once critical factors are naturalized, we provide the next tier of services which include:

Assessing infrastructure reliability

Validating availability of required resources

Identifying and assessing potential BPO/ITO partners

We also extend our advisory services throughout the deal negotiations until successfully closing the BPO/ITO deal.

Our project engagement practices range from domestic SMEs to multinational organizations operating delivery centers in Egypt. We have vast experience running different sourcing models whether outsourcing, in-sourcing and co-sourcing serving different markets off-shore, near-shore or  on-shore.

Our business consulting experience combined with our BPO and ITO market knowledge enrich our competencies providing professional research, intelligence and due diligence services. 

Our advisory service is  empowered by our  vast professional experience in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the IT Outsourcing (ITO) serving different industries; telecom, IT, automotives, fast food, retail, utilities, government, healthcare and aviation.

Our vendor management services will include:

Manage the overall customer experience strategy as applicable to your outsourced BPO/ITO.

Review / adjust established policies and procedures to provide necessary customer service, meets organizational goals and drives revenues.

Ensure that service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs), financial targets, penalties, and incentives are clearly documented, understood and executed.

Constantly seeks to improve the fiscal soundness and operational effectiveness of all BPO/ITO projects.

Conduct BPO/ITO delivery center visits, site audits and continuous review meetings:

Onboarding process. Ensure vendor compliance to recruiting & Selection practices, training curriculum and shadowing processes ensuring only the correct skills to join BPO/ITO operations.

BPO/ITO delivery center Operations:

To ensure outsourcer agents have the proper spirit, supervision,  coaching, tools and operating environment to deliver expected customer experience.

Set/Review standards of performance (KPIs) for all levels of customer operations to promote customer service(SLAs) and/or sales established goals.

Implement appropriate staffing plans to maximize performance and efficiency for peak/0ff-peak periods.

Quality assurance:

Set/Review BPO/ITO delivery center operations parameter to assure: SLA, Communication scripts, proper business attitude, correct & accurate information and right data are logged.

Quality assessment form is developed to gauge all aspects of the busienss transaction and weights of various aspects can be modified to focus on improving specific aspect(s).

Performance. (sales, cost, quality, productivity):

Identifying trends / issues/ concerns/ successes and recommending appropriate solutions or best practice implementation.

Manage Change:

Ensuring effective process changes and program implementations occur at the vendor sites.

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